From 1‘st July 2012 following the Siauliai district probation service regulations (Zin.: 2012, Nr. 55-2728) and taking into account the structural reorganization of the Prison Department of the Lithuania‘s Republic Justine Ministry, Siauliai region correction inspection was renamed into Siauliai District Probation Office, the purpose of which is to realize the state policy in the area of Siauliai town, Akmene, Joniskis, Kelme, Mazeikiai, Pakruojis, Radviliskis, Raseiniai, Siauliai, and Telsiai regional municipalities accomplishing:



Punishments with the public work and limitation of freedom;

Punishment influence (except the confiscation of property, the extended confiscation of property and the payment into the fund of the crime victims);

Educational influence means (except sending to a special educational institution) and fulfilling the investigation of the person’s social area, criminogenic factors and other circumstances;

Controls how the convict follows the obligations, appointed by the court, the established prohibitions, special requirements and doesn’t break the low;

Renders social and psychological help and personal support to the convicts. Helps to integrate into society.


Applying punishments, not linked with the depriving of freedom, a convict has a possibility to work, to live with the family, to study, to gain a profession, to develop social and professional skills, to maintain social relations.

Updated on: 5/30/2014 3:34 PM
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