Probation and other alternatives to imprisonment are cheaper than imprisonment and save taxpayers money.

Probation and other alternatives to imprisonment are effective, they require the offender be active in solving his social problems and compensate the damage caused to the public.


Probation offices:


  • Do not assess the guilt question of offenders, who are on probation and have done a criminal offense;
  • Help persons, who are involved in the supervision, to understand the relationship between existing social problems (alcohol, drugs) and delinquent behavior;
  • Motivate, support and coordinate the offenders to positive social change.


Mission of the Probation offices:


  • Perform court decisions (on alternatives to imprisonment) except for the confiscation of property, extended confiscation of assets and contributions to victims of crime fund)
  • Contribute topublic safety;
  • Help the offender to integrate into the local community;
  • Ensure high-quality andtimely correctiveservices;
  • Behavioral control, monitoring and maintenance of convicts;
  • Stimulation of the restitution.


Vision of the Probation offices


  • Probation office is a professional and proactive, constantly taking care of public safety, supporting and strengthening community partnerships, modern and unafraid of challenges organization.


Values of the Probation offices:


  • Personal, Professional approach to the client;
  • Teamwork;
  • Open communication;
  • Cooperation with the social partners;
  • Operational guidance to the result.
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